Multi Speed Mini AV Vibrators Mounted with Artificial Diamond,Mini Vibrating Massager for Women

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a. Made of medical grade silicone&TPE,safe and non-poisonous
b. Waterproof design,mounted with artificial diamond
c.Female mini AV vibrator
d.Powerful multispeed vibration stimulator
f.Flirting sex toys for couples
g.Need 6 LR44 or 1 AAA battery( not included)
h.Silent mode
i.It can used to massage neck back and leg &foot

How to change the batteries:
1.Remove the batteries after twisting the cap,
2.put in 6 LR44 batteries or 1 AAA battery,and cover the cap tightly,
3.Model of battery is LR44 or 1 AAA battery.
1.Personal or lover use only
2.Pay attention to hygiene before and after use
3.Keep circuit part away from water when cleaning
4.Put back to the box after use,keep dry and cool
5.Add lubricant effect is better
1 X Mini AV Vibrator batteries not included