Anti Gravity Nano Suction Case Cover For Samsung S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 Edge Plus Note 8 7 5 4 and iPhone XS XSMAX XR X 8 7 6S 6 Plus

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Warm prompt:

Don't try to use a lot of ash, or uneven surfaces.


Dear Customer,please pay attention to the next three points :  


1.Please rip off its film on its back cover,because we hope you could get 100%  new brand products, so this film is to protect this phone case.  


2.Long use will make the surface adhere to a little dust, as long as a small  amount of water can be cleaned, after cleaning, please wait for water to dry  before use.  


3.Can be in some vertical plane adsorption: Glass,metal,ceramics, paint,white  board,wood,mirror,plane clinker,etc,to make you a better release hands in life  and convenient to use.  




1.Anti Gravity Case using Nano technology, has super adsorption.  

2.Anti Gravity Case can be used on any smooth surface.  

3.Anti Gravity Case can repeat using,could wash with water after getting dirty.  

4.Anti Gravity Case assembled by PC and TPU and import back stick material.  

5.Perfect fit your phone and protect phone well  

6.As long as pressed lightly,it will be adsorbed on the surface