Size: 55*15*8mm  

Color: Red/Black  



Sipport: Support iPhone5 and above Apple mobile phones and iPad and other equipment  

System:Windows 7 or above / etc8.0 or later  


Package List:  

1 *  USB Flash Drive  

1 * User manual (English and Chinese)  


Expand The New Realm  

One second expansion capacity, fruit powder exclusive.  

i66-790_01  i66-790_02

Capacity one second expansion  

Plug and play, No need jailbreak, no ITUNES, convenient and quick.  

i66-790_03  i66-790_04

Photo Take pictures & Storage  

Plug and play, No Need jailbreak, no ITUNES, convenient and quick.  

i66-790_05  i66-790_06


Standard USB3.0 interface  

i66-790_07  i66-790_08

Free    360 ° fancy conversion  

A multi-purpose, can be used for MAC / PC computer side, IPAD / Ipod / iPhone.  

i66-790_09  i66-790_10

One key backup  

Photo  video  address book  important documents,  a key backup, save time and worry.  

i66-790_11  i66-790_12

Excellence concentric design  

Aluminum alloy concentric round hair pattern design,  highlight the excellent quality.  

i66-790_13  i66-790_14

Compatible Strong  

Support mainstream video  picture  file format.  

i66-790_15  i66-790_16

APP Portable your life  

Download directly in the APP Store, without jailbreak.  

i66-790_17  i66-790_18  i66-790_19  i66-790_20




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